About Synthwave Takeover

Sonic Academy are proud to present our very first Takeover Event starting June 7th 2022, where you can get involved and join us for four weeks of non-stop Synthwave action!

Starting with an all-new How To Make Synthwave course with a killer track from Bluffmunkey, you’ll get all the information and resources needed to put your new skills into practice, upload your remix and be in with a chance to win one of 3 awesome prizes! The Top Prize will win £500 and the honour of being the first-ever release on our new label Sonic Academy Records!

During the synthwave event, you’ll get exclusive, professional insights into Synthwave Production, as we chat to industry masters Timecop1984, Nina and Michael Oakley. We will also be throwing in some preset and sample pack giveaways throughout the month! Enrol today to stay in the loop with all the info about the upcoming event.


Hi everyone - hope you are all enjoying the new synthwave course from Bluffmunkey. Any questions on the course or anything synthwave related, post here and Bluff will be on hand to help you out! We really want to create a wicked community here so let us know if you are enrolled here.

How is everyone getting on with their remixes so far?

Don’t forget the winner gets £500 !

Speak soon


Hello Dear Bluffmonkey, Sonic Academy… I registered, and in the search for updates, I found an email that sent me to these forums.

I was so excited to participate in this event, I wrote my own song, which I thought was the objective rather than just a remix… I have it ready to audition… but don’t know yet how to submit… Any help friends?

The Remix competition is opened to all subscribers and you can submit your entry on the Remix Contest page.

Now as the title suggests, it’s a Remix Contest, so your entry should be a Remix of Bluffmunkey synthwave track to be considered, not an original track of yours.

There’s still time to submit, so work your magic on Bluffmunkey synthwave track ! :sunglasses:

Hope this helps answering your question :wink:

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