ANA2 - Feature Request - New Filter Type/Filter Mode

Let me just start by saying thank you to the developers for creating a synth nerds dream… ANA 2’s comprehensive selection of Filter TYPES & Filter MODES are amazing… I’ve often spent hours just tweaking the filter sections of ANA 2 alone.

Now, there is only ONE reason why I haven’t completely dumped my other favorite synth… Sylenth1.

Why is this you may ask?..

The LP Filter (and filter envelope) in Sylenth1 is just so incredibly JUICY (for lack of a better word)… it has that incredibly fat ‘squelchy’ character which I can not replicate with ANA 2, even after many hours of endless tweaking.

If the developers of ANA 2 could ‘model’ a brand new Filter Type/Mode for ANA 2 which could replicate the sound of the Sylenth1 filters… then I would have no reason to use any other synth for Trance Plucks/Leads… full stop.

I could use ANA 2 exclusively because it currently ticks all other boxes as far as sound quality and features are concerned!

Please, I hope the developers of ANA 2 read this! :slight_smile:

thanks for the FB :slight_smile:
Have you got a preset in Sylenth for comparision to the sound you are talking about?

Have you tried some of the Vintage filters in the “Other” section?

Hi Bryan, sorry for taking a while to reply.

I do have a Sylenth1 preset! Well 2 presets actually… I’ll inbox you a link. Do you think you could replicate them with ANA2?

In ANA2 my favorite filter is the LP12 (with the ‘Analog’ Filter Envelope), this usually gives me the best results for big plucky saw leads (closely followed by the ‘2-Pole Vintage’ which is also pretty nice).

P.S. After playing with ANA2 for a while I eventually realised that when you change between different filter types, a number of parameters in the Filter Envelope section usually need to be re-adjusted to achieve a similar sound to what you had before changing the filter type… (usually the Filter Env ADSR, Velocity, and Resonance). I mean this makes sense, it just took a while to click for me lol.