Big Sur Update Screwing Up Traktor?

Hi everyone

I recently updated my Macbook Pro to Big Sur and when i tried opening
Traktor after installing the update, i had to set up Traktor again and
it had lost all my playlists.

I had created a huge playlist in my Preparation folder which contained
over 100 tracks that i had spent close to a year building (every thing
had been put in the order that i was going to mix it which took

I’m hoping there’s a way to recover this?

Thanks in advance for your help

Hey there @mozzatron1

Have you tried to ask on Native Instruments support site or forums ? You might find more Traktor users there than here on S.A forums as well as Apple because in the end, it’s more a MacOS issue I believe.

So thinking about the MacOS side of things, did you back up your previous MacOS installation before upgrading to Big Sur ? Do you have any way to revert the installation, or a time machine or any other old installation backup where you could access your playlist folder and make a copy.

In case you haven’t got an easy way to access a backup, there are some recovery tool option like the free TestDisk from CG Security ( just google it ) but it’s cumbersome to use ( all happening in Terminal ) and takes a long time.

Apps like Carbon Copy Cloner allow you to create a bootable image of your MacOS system on another hard drive, even an external drive and that’s the most easy way to have a safe backup before performing any upgrade. If you haven’t perform such prior backup or don’t have any accessible Time Machine backup then I think it’s back to tools like Test Disk or finding a way to revert the MacOS upgrade.

Last thought here, are you sure your folder is not simply hidden, or maybe permissions have changed, or it could also be that Traktor is simply not working well on Big Sur and that the app does no longer see your folder.

Definitely investigate with both NI & Apple support IMO and in last resort some recovery tools like Test Disk.

Hope this helps :wink:

Cheers !

Hi Stephane

Great response, thanks for that.

I have posted on the NI forum but no response as yet.

I will go have a look at my time machine back up and see if i can find anything. Will also look to see if it’s hidden somewhere… i think that may have something to do with it because when i went to open Traktor after installing Big Sur, i was asked to set up Traktor from scratch but it did say my setting were saved somewhere… just need to work out where! Any ideas???

Thanks again mate

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Maybe it’s worth checking your library path within Traktor’s preferences and also if you can find any editable config files where the path to your folder should be. Not that familiar with Traktor though, but I’ve been able to edit some NI instruments and Maschine conf. files in the past.

I could be wrong but this might have something to do with the way big sur ditched iTunes.

The traktor playlists where saved in the iTunes folder I think. So maybe it has broken the path.

You could check in the music folder in your user account and see what is there… and if there is a section in traktor to fix the path.

Or maybe you need to duplicate the folder with the original path from previous os.

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