Breathe | Minimal House

Made track while watching the P-LASK session.

Using FL Studio 20.

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Really nice. I like it.

Some notes after listening a few times (and I’m no professional musician and I’m listening on headphones):

  • The bass has the right sound bit it could have a bit more weight.
  • The delay effects on the first “chord stab” feels too short, and on the second “dub stab” too simple.
  • The reverb emphasises the hardness and clarity too much, probably just a question of eq and saturation.
  • The reverb on kick and snare is a bit too much or the wrong space.

Thank you for the feedback.

I will take note of those observations.

To me the bass isn’t playing in the same “space” as the other elements in this one.

Levels pushed quite hard again here, so everything else than the bass is sounding crisp and sharp, especially all drums elements ( except the hats ), Kick & Clap and other Perc Fx sound very much " in your face " here during the all track duration, missing some dynamic and liveliness in this one.

Arrangement wise, sounds very repetitive to me, missing a song structure here.

There’s great sounding elements and good combination and choice of sounds here, but this track could really be much more interesting with more dynamic and less of a “wall of sound” feel : volume variation for audio elements and Midi notes velocities variations can bring a lot more liveliness to a track, mixing at lower levels helps with dynamic.