Can you help me make these sounds?

I love this track (link below) And would like some guidance on how to make the very subtle background bell-like sounds or hi hats. Any guidance toward libraries or even private instruction would be great. Here is the track

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Hi there @SonicStudent1

Moved your post to the “Tutorial Requests” topic/category, the “Sounds Discussion” topic is related to discussion about Presets & Sounds Packs that are available on S.A website for sale.

I suggest you to also ask for this in the Sonic Academy Facebook private discussion group, you can join the group here : Sonic Academy - Music Production Discussion | Facebook

Also, S.A team recently launched a weekly Live Stream event on their YT channel, taking place every Thursday at 08 pm-GMT. From time to time Phil will be picking up some sound design requests & explain how to re-create them inside ANA 2, so it could be a good idea to submit your request there as well. You can do that by sending a link to the example track & describing the exact sound you’re after ( a precise time stamp reference in the track where the sound can be clearly identify might help too ) using the following email

More info about the Live stream here on the forums :