Can't License KICK 2 on WINDOWS 10

Hey! :grin:

I recently downloaded kick 2 (Windows). I never got the v1.0.5 so I’m not familiar with the plugin. Installing went perfectly fine, but when I wanted to use my license the struggle started. I don’t know if Windows is also supposed to get a Kick license key installer but I didn’t find one in my downloads (Also checked in my hidden files). I registered my account through the plugin, after that it didn’t ask me to put my license key anywhere it just said that registration was succesful. I’ve tried offline registration but that didn’t allow me to receive a license key from the site. I couldn’t find a propper working tutorial on the web anywhere. Still still stuck in demo after purchasing it :disappointed:

Please help me out! :smile:

Got it to work NVM!

Hey there @Eject

Sorry for the delayed replied ( after you got it to work ) :blush:

Well, just a quick explanation : the license key which is available for download from your account will only work with Kick 2 v1.05, the authorization system have changed with v1.1.0, it’s happening online now, you need to register the plugin with your S.A credentials. From your account you can now also manage your machines authorization.

There’s more info about it here ( it was related to the Beta dev. but the information applies to latest v1.10 )