Hi Guys! I wanted to know if any of you all wanted to do some type of collab, I really write any genre, but I focuse in: Big room, future bounce/house, progressive house, and I guess club music! If any one would want to collab please Private Message me here on the forums to get in touch.

I hope to here from you all soon !

PS: Here’s how to use the Private Message feature on the forums : simply click on the user avatar ( 1 ) and you’ll get access to the Profile & the Message button ( 2 ).

Hey there @AugieKelliher

The Soinc Academy Facebook Private Discussion Group might be another good place to ask about this, you can join the group here if you haven’t done it yet. Just make sure to answer the 2 membership questions about DAW & Fav Music genre so that an admin can grant your request to join the group.

As for your post here on the forums, be aware that the forums are on public access ( for reading only ), so be careful when sharing private information such as email address, ask people to private message you on the forums to get in touch instead. I’ve edited the post for you and removed the email for privacy.

Cheers !