Darin Epsilon - One Thousand and One Nights Remix Competition with Perspectives Digital / 8

Some amazing mixes on here, loving listening to them here!

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Gonna say it again but wow some amazing remixes here! I had a lot of fun with this one. Good luck to everyone and thanks Sonic Academy and Darin!

Submissions close Friday night at midnight! Hurry and put the finishing touches on your remix :wink:

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Damn some really amazing remixes indeed! Great job and good luck to all :slight_smile:

Paul Kardos for the president!!!

Alex Plug remix it’s sounds like from another dimension

It was a huge and very tasking project for me to complete but I hope people will enjoy it :wink: good luck tho

Wow, a lot of these entries are intense! Very nice! Best of luck to everyone!

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Paul Deep’s entry. :fire:

i am glad i did not make a Remix! You guys here are crazy , love every Remix of that briliant Original! lg Ainklang

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wow! blaktone’s remix is awesome!

Heya, the Bros are champs! But there are sooo many super
remixes, thank you gentlemen and ladies and good luck all of you

Aguanten Sebi Franco y Paul Deep loco, aguante el progre nacional!

Una bombaa Sebi Franco y Paul Deep, dos joyitas argentinas.

blaktone only

The winners have been selected!! Stay tuned for the big announcement. Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to enter : )

Excited to see what the selections are!!

Good job guys! Nice to see here so many variations of Darin’s original tune! Scanlinesmusic remix, just rulez!!! Good luck to all!

Congratulations to all the winners, to the honorable mentions, and everyone who worked on the competition!

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Congrats to everyone, and of course thanks for the honorable mention by Darin Epsilon :slight_smile: it was a real challenge for me to do a remix over night. <3

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