DIY Studio Desk

Haha, who were you trying to reel in ICN?

I was hoping for a list :smiley: - JOKE!! :hehe: :cool: :cool:


Love ya J4, but ya gotta admit, that sh!t is funny.

What sh*t.:crazy:

You guys piss on my leg and tell me its raining.


Nothing like a good old golden shower.

[quote]J4Electrix (13/07/2011)[hr]What sh*t.:crazy:
You guys piss on my leg and tell me its raining.[/quote]

Didnt know you were into Poetry J4!!

Do you have any favourite Poets?

[quote]jbachjr78 (13/07/2011)[hr]Ahhhh,

Nothing like a good old golden shower.[/quote]

Yessir - You know you’ve made it when you get one of them! :smiley:

[quote]jbachjr78 (11/07/2011)[hr][quote]Mussi81 (11/07/2011)[hr]Desk for your decks two 800 kitchen carcases and a kitchen worktop :slight_smile:

Desk for your studio two 400 kitchen carcases (cut couple of inches off the bottom) and a kitchen worktop long as you like :slight_smile:

Costs £0 when your dad sells kitchens lol


So your dad lays pipe then huh? Nice:cool:[/quote]

Na just smokes da crack pipe :hehe:

Thank God you responded Mussi.

I was beginning to think you took the joke wrong. LOL

J4, can you get us a list on crack pipes? Any coupons or buy one rock get the second half?:w00t::hehe:

Na lol I’m on holibobs (as ant would say)

#lack of wifi

Mussi - You;re always on fkn holiday. Cnut.

[quote]ICN (13/07/2011)[hr]Mussi - You;re always on fkn holiday. Cnut.[/quote]

Isn’t life a holiday :stuck_out_tongue: :hehe:

You should start writing hotel reviews etc… on your :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smiley:

Talk about the facilities & that :hehe: :smiley:

I build my studio desk once now all my stuff is on the ground…should have used more glue

Stay away from it man. Its ironic that when you sniff it, everything falls apart :stuck_out_tongue:

Choose life FFS! :hehe:

Or, it could be that you should have used screws and nails like most desks have. LOL

It was probably this stuff (Real Product):

More good looking desks :

The Ultimate M.Thomas custom hand made workstation

Vapours studio desk

Well, sorry to disappoint you guys, but I ended up receiving a free desk from a great friend who is moving so I have no need to build this desk (for now).

However, another one of my friends has just moved back into the area, and we may build one for him so if that happens I’ll let ya know how it works out.

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