Feedback for Progressive House Track

Hey guys. Would really appreciate some feedback on the mix and master of this track I created. Thanks a lot.

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Sorry checking this one very late here :blush:

It’s a nice track, well mixed and produced, good work with this.

Now if i had a suggestion, it’s very “generic” and it’s more thanks to the vocals that this kind of track would stand up from the rest, it’s still pleasant to listen to and again well produced, but missing something that makes it memorable and special : melody, rhythm and instruments as well as the arrangement and progression is not really standing out from the crowd and other similar productions here IMHO. Will work well in a playlist for the same genre, but then not sure if people will be able to recognize a sound signature or something letting them know who’s track it is. ( which is not something mandatory of course, but it does make a difference depending what your goal is ).

But again, good mix and production, so not much to say on that TBH :wink:

Cheers !