Feedback on my latest track

Hey guys! :slight_smile:

Here I am with a new finished track. I would love and really appreciate if you could find the time to give a listen to the track and give me some feedbacks, both on the composition side and the mix-mastering side.

Thanks all in advance! Have a nice one :slight_smile:

Hey there @returnnull

Nice track & production, you can push it to reach mastered tracks levels IMO, you’ve got plenty of headroom in this one. This time the drums are sounding more organics & sit well in the track comparing to previous tracks, you’re learning fast :smile: :wink: :thumbsup:

Have you already watched the Sonic Academy live show stream on their YT channel ? They started last week and yesterday was the second episode, you can submit your tracks either for “Demo Doctor” or “Fix my Mix”, more info in the following topics and you can watch the replay of previous streams on their YT channel.

Keep on the good work :wink:

Cheers !

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Dear @Tekalight,

As always thank you so much for finding the time to have a listen to my track, I truly appreciate it! :slight_smile: and extremely interesting the fix my mix and demo doctor! I missed it but I’ll def send my track! It’s amazing!

One last point, the song is at -14 integrated LUFS. Do you think I can push this higher? :slight_smile:

Thank you again! Have a nice weekend! :slight_smile:

Well, that’s the all story about the scientific side of things of mastering ( or at least making your tracks ready for distribution ). It all depends of the medium you’re aiming at, for most online distribution -14 LUFS is good but not all platforms treat audio uploads equally. For an internal high quality audio file such as .wav or .aiff format, you can aim at -9, even -8 LUFS. Now LUFS refers to an average metering of the integrated loudness across the all track, there’s other measurements like PLR & PSR which are also interesting to look at and giving your instant loudness measures.

So the point when making your track ready for distribution is to reach instant peaks levels at around -2 or -3 dBFS maximum while retaining the LUFS target you’re aiming for. Basically you technically do this with compression, limiting, working on the stereo & mono image of the track.

I did make a mistake when listening to your track the first time, sorry about that, I just realized that I had the “safe headroom” feature engaged in Sonarworks Reference 4, therefore having the signal being reduced by a -8.2 dBFS value. So in fact your track is just peaking over +0.1 dBFS, so in fact you could just reduce your master level for -0.5 or -1 dB before uploading it and it won’t be clipping, but again this is a very minor adjustment.

If you’d like to dive more into this ( probably not the fumiest thing in audio production :disappointed: ) here are some resources :

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Dear @Tekalight,

You’re always extremely kind and helpful! Thank you so much :slight_smile: I will certainly have a look to the resources you posted! I’m actually fascinated by this part of the mastering process :slight_smile:

Thanks again! All the best!

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