Feedback please - Slap House Track

Please be as honest as possible so I can improve. Thank you.

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Quite nice. The bass has a very very pleasant and wide sound to it. In comparison to it, some elements like the snare roll or the lo-passed piano-like synth could be more present for my taste. But overall, I’d say the thing that needs work is the arrangement. No idea about this genre, if there should be a hook or sth., but obviously it’s too short.

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Nice track TBH, agree with @kuchenchef about the arrangement, while it’s a vocal track, you could create more interest over time with less vocals ( e.g : the break for example could be with just 2 vocals phrases and then no vocals but a longer musical part before introducing a new build up and drop ).

Mixing wise, the track could benefit of stereo image spread, it would definitely sound more wide and huge. At the moment it’s very centered and “mono-ish” to my taste. Try to double your vocals twice, keep the main vocals more mono and put a reverb on the 2 copies, lower their volume and pan 1 copy full Right and the other 1 full Left, then blend the 3 vocals channels to taste for levels. ( it’s a very basic way to do it, but you’ll get the idea if you experiment with this ).

For other elements, using effects like delays can help to spread the sound into the stereo field and get a much more wider mix.

There’s a very interesting course here : How To Create Wide Mixes with Protoculture | Tutorial 01 - Introduction

But nice track overall, good work :sunglasses: :thumbsup:

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thank you for the honest feedback. I’ll try to implement these changes in my future music productions.

thanks takalight appreciate the feedback. :slight_smile:

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