Fills, risers, breakdowns etc

Cool. It’s getting there for sure.

One of the things that makes the SHM track’s riff work so well for me is the way that the notes take you reasonably slowly up and up and up and up and then drop you down into the two quick hand claps that almost (almost) feel out of time. Somehow hat makes the groove extra special.

Man, this is a great post Phil. This is exactly where I have questions and problems. I have no clue on how to create my own risers and transitions. What kind of programs do you guys use to create these awesome effects or is it a matter of just learning what to automate? How do you go about it? The track sounds great. It really sounds like it’s coming along.

So glad I spotted this thread.

Kudos Phil for laying your cards out on the table in such a candid manner.

Keep the updates coming its really interesting seeing how your track develops, evolves, time scales involved etc.

Good man yerself!

This post is the exact reason why a davy oost tutorial is needed!!.

Youve got closer access than all of us.

What i know is he uses the d8 for getting things sounding good.

Quadrafuzz on alot of things.

Sub bass, bass, kick relationship

normalize on nearly everything.

I’d like to find out more about his volume levels and master channel headroom as he uses the L2. 

Love to know about his frequencies hes using and relationships between parts.

His fx placements are quite ****ed up but ive worked out a pattern across some tunes now but you really need to get kevin to pay him a few grand to show us some tutorials, how to sound like… davy oost.

that tunes’ wick phil. kinda like the groove from 2min but not much.

i found that in live, the Autopan is one of the best things you can use for sweeps etc… i used put a note of white on in sylenth for about 9 bars, then used the Chopper autopan preset, sidechain, andautomated the volume and cutoff down (for downsweeps)