House Remix

Here is a remix I did for Pure Space Records. My first ever release, The label has mastered it already but any feedback is appreciated. A big “Thank You” to everyone at Sonic Academy for the assistance and inspiration. Its a wondering feeling having something out there!

Always a bit difficult to give feedback on remixes since it’s very personal how someone approaches this and comes up with his own take :wink:

Also surprised when listening to the track after reading “House Remix” in your post title, this one is very special IMO, I got this “housy” feel at 3:25 when the nice synths are coming in, for the rest it’s a lot more atmospheric with a bit of a psychedelic atmosphere, more like some slow IDM stuffs. Found the intro a bit long before some rhythm grabbed my ears as well. Special indeed but nice production tho :sunglasses:

Thank you for the kind words Stéfane! Your feedback means a lot of me. Will take to everything you said into consideration for future projects.

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