How To Make - Hybrid Trap with 2Scoops / 556

Hey @hiroki134

In the course’s resources, you’ll find a archive available for download.

Download & expand this archive and go to : 2SCOOPS - LIMBO (SA TUTORIAL MASTER) Project/Samples/Processed/Freeze you will find some Kick2 audio files in there.

Hope that helps !

Awesome tutorial mate. I’ll rewatch this one several times, tons of great ideas and you keep it relatively simple and free flowing! Thank you and keep up the good work!

Really fun course. Pretty easy to follow, even in FL. Made a banger!

Very fun course, love seeing other producers workflows. Great course!

This is so great! thanks for your teaching!

There are a lot of nice production tricks in this. Thank you!

Hey, great course. I noticed when making the beat that when you zoomed in the grid changed from 16 to 32 notes, I can’t figure out how to do this and its driving me mental. Thanks to anyone that can help.

Hi there @pattisoni

With the mouse If you right click on an empty area within Live’s Note Editor you will be prompted with an options window & you can use Adaptive & Fix Grid parameters to tweak the resolution as your needs.

With shortcuts & Grid Snapping from the manual : Arrangement View — Ableton Reference Manual Version 11 | Ableton

Hope that helps, cheers !

This course is sick! Thanks for this tutorial. I’ve learned tons from watching this video!


Hello, I’m using Shaper Box with the exact same settings as you do, and it creates clicks every 1/4 note, If I make a small space on the left to try to avoid the clicking, it restarts the audio every 1/4 which is different from how you make it sounds.
Any help how can I avoid those clicks without restarting the audio?



Probably a setting or timing issue, it’s easy to miss a detail when trying to replicate things.

Also, not sure what version of Shaper Box you’re using but there’s a on Shaper Box 2 here :

Shaperbox 2 with Protoculture

Thank you for all the technical points mostly for the plugin I like that you still build your own from scratch even that now days plugins presets are cheap and bundled for low prices

I’m Interested in taking this course