How to setup Trackspacer25 version 2.5.9 with Cubase 12 Pro

Hi everyone,

I have big problems getting Trackspacer25 to work and wondering if anyone can help me. I have watched all the tutorials on youtube but my Trackspacer25 does not have that little “sidechain button” that everyone activates. It seems to be an older version of Trackspacer that they use. My version is 2.5.9 which I think is the latest. I do not get it to work and do not understand how to activate it in Cubase 12 Pro. Anyone who knows??



Latest version for Wavesfactory Trackspacer is 2.5.9 indeed.

You can check this video tutorial to learn more about Trackspacer, the DAW used is Cubase as well.

Wavesfactory TrackSpacer with Protoculture

Thanks for your quick answer Teka! You do not use that sidechain button, do you? Protoculture clicks on a button that activates sidechain I do not have on my version and I find no “activate sidechain input” etc. Exactly where do I place Trackspacer25 if I want my bass to duck my kick?

Ah, OK I can see that it’s different inside Cubase :wink:

So if you check at 3:05 what Nate is doing → You want to place Trackspacer on the track you want to duck down ( here the Strings track ) and need to select the Side Chain source ( here the Vocals track ) from this Cubase option menu that Nate is using.

If you can’t find that button to enable side-chain inside Cubase, then it could be a version difference or simply a view/display preference setting inside Cubase. This course was released before Cubase 12, so it could be different. I’m not a Cubase user unfortunately, but I guess this is just a view setting or layout thing.

Yes it is exactly that button that I do not have in my version which is 2.5.9.

Nate does not show how to activate sidechain inside cubase before placing Trackspacer25 on the strings.

I really do not understand, I know that of course I do not do exactly as you should but I do not understand the setup. I’m wondering if Nate did anything before placing Trackspacer25 on those tracks?

I have clicked on just about everything, and I have placed Trackspacer25 on the bass but then I want to route and activate that the bass should duck for the kick but it is at this position I dont get it to work.:sweat_smile:

There is no new tutorial on youtube either that shows exactly how the setup is inside Cubase and the latest version of Trackspacer25. This is so frustrating …:laughing:

Anyway, thank you so much Teka for trying to help me, I really appreciate it.

By the way Teka, that button is inside the Trackspacer25 plugin and not inside cubase in any way … 2.5.9 seems to be a bit different than older versions…

This is not related to your Trackspacer version but more to the Cubase Plugin Window display/options :

Are you using a VST3 plugin instance of Trackspacer ??
Seems to be mandatory to use a VST3 plugin with S.C capabilities to enable this option in Cubase.

Check this maybe :

VST Instrument Controls

Side-Chain Input for VST Instruments

Hey Teka,

Ok here it comes …:sweat_smile: I had installed Trackspacer25 64bit 2.4 and not VST3 so I uninstalled and reinstalled and chose VST3 and then everything worked just fine. That sidechain button came up right away too. Thank you so much for taking the time to try to help me, I really appreciated it. Have a great weekend mate!

Ps. Trackspacer25 is really a great tool, easy to use and makes things fit better in the mix, worth every penny in my opinion. :smile:

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Thanks for your reply and happy to know that it does work with the VST 3 :thumbsup: :sunglasses:

Cheers !