How To Use - Cubase 9.5 Beginner Level 1 / 584

I am an Cubase user since cubase sx and like the software.
It s nice to see someone else building an song.
Explaing was simple and good
Nice, thanks a lot

Hey thanks Nate, this is a great tutorial and I really enjoyed the candid presentation! Don’t change anything about your tutorials, they’re great and full of useful tips and an overview of how you actually work.

I’m new to Cubase and this was real helpful. Thanks again!

It is just a simply good and easy understand tutorial explained by a professional with patience step by step. Thank you, Nate!

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I am a huge fan of Protoculture. He is a pro… no doubt about that. He knows Cubase since years. No doubt about that as well. Never the less, this tutorial gave me a headache. Following the weird mouse pointer movement was not so easy and the constantly clicking was as well making it difficult. Combining all this with the voice that is guiding us through the steps, lets me say, that this tutorial could have been made better. Unfortunately there’s no usage of the chord-track and the tracks that are following this chord-track. As a conclusion I realize that the pros don’t use that Cubase feature yet.

Lol, I love those mouse pointers and clicks.

It shows how he’s processing the information. It adds life.

I think you are putting too much attention on those movements :joy:

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I don’t use Cubase, but I’m just following this tutorial because I know he’ll drop some golden nuggets here and there which are applicable to all (and thats only possible without being scripted).

Its the minor details that makes the pros separate from rest, and Proto is at the top.

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100% agree @rajeshjsl, since the start I don’t get this thing about the clicks, the voice & so on, I’m not sure if people realize the very high level of knowledge that’s being shared here and all of this “live situation” details just make it like if we were sitting with the man in his studio, who can not like this ?? :smile:

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this is more than expected!!!

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Thanks for your support. Very quick and good answers. I love you guys and will keep supporting you and recommend to my friends. Please keep doing good course so we can learn alot from you. Love much xxx

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I can’t speak for other ‘pro’s’… I think the chord tracks are a great addition and clever feature. Admittedly its not something I use often but I’m also a classically trained pianist and fortunate in that I can reproduce most stuff by ear. Thats not the case for a lot of other producers, even some as big as Deadmau5 who openly admits he’s crap at playing a keyboard. He actually had a big part in developing Cthulu from Xfer Records which kinda spawned this feature in a lot of the big DAW’s.

great starting tutorial for beginners to cubase and old to get the basics going , loved the next series aswell! top class nate as always!

This is the perfect refresher course, plus level 2 should be an excellent intro into some of the more advanced features of cubase. Thank you in advance for making these courses both high quality but also affordable.

I love how youve got the track colour on the track settings area, as seen in tut 12, can somebody explain how this area is colored, ive only ever been able to colour the very left edge of the track settings , or is it to do with using folders? Thanks in advance

Mnah… Doesn’t give you sufficient knowledge to be self sufficient when things don’t work as described.

Hi there @dsscott

Well, might be very true for all DAWS & related tutorials unfortunately, it just takes time & usage to get around those huge software and master them IMHO. Next to that, don’t forget it’s a “beginner” tutorial.
There’s a second chapter to this first course BTW Cubase 9.5 Beginner Video Tutorial Level 2 | Tutorial 01 - Intro and Playthrough that might be good to follow as well and learn more about Cubase.

Great Tutorial, What I was looking for and more. Thanks for the tips.

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I was a Cubase user before SX (although there’s a 10-year hiatus on producing in there), but I will say that I learned at least 10 fantastic things about Cubase that I didn’t know from this Level 1 course. Nate does the absolute best tutorials using Cubase. After I finish Level 2, I’ll have watched all of his stuff on SA, and some of it more than once.

I’m pretty good with Ableton but I like Cubase better. There just aren’t as many Cubase tutorials out there. Thanks, Nate. Glad that you’re a Cubase user because you’re a fantastic teacher.

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Coloring folder tracks retains the clips and tracks within folder’s colour schemes so you end up with those multi coloured segments.

This was a fantastic introductory course that filled in a lot of missing pieces… Moving on to the Level 2 course now. I hope to see more of these!!! Thank You!

Had to watch this in several sessions. Slow-moving, but valuable for becoming familiar with Cubase environment. Would recommend with the warning it’s a bit dry in delivery.

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