How To Use - Kick 2 / 473

Best and faster vst for creating unique kicks!

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Thanks for your comment and feedback about KICK 2 and welcome to the forums ! :wink:

Really excited for this one! Thanks for the sale!

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welcome aboard and thanks for your comment ! :wink:

I like the interface and the concept of the “partials” as an additive synthesis approach is way cool… more than simply transient adjustments…

… and then the option to adjust various volume levels of each partial,

The nerd-option for super-nerds with a custom sample and a spectrum analyser is alluring and fascinating and just a little confusing - in a good sense of confusing,

“Snap to pitch” is cool, and undo-redo is also sensible.

Keyboard pitch responsive option is very cool and is the reason I remembered I purchased this five years ago, as it is just the ticket to what I need for a trip-hop style backing track I am hoping to re-create using hardware drum machine and this software drum synthesis application.

I am genuinely inspired and experiencing enjoyable rhythmic musical motivation.

Interesting to note about the separate waveforms for the different sources of a single drum sound. Very nice for fine tuning.

Not only but also it appears there is an overlay mode for the separate contributing waveforms, to adjust any phase issues, or for sound design finessing,

Very Nice.

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Thanks for the plugin that make it easy :wink:

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Welcome aboard on the forums and tahnks for your comment ! :sunglasses: