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Reason 10 Beginner Level 1

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Want to get to grips with Propellerheads Reason 10? Maybe you’ve recently started out using the software or are considering changing your current DAW?
Well over the next 14 videos, Joshua Hodge aka DJ @ War will take you through the key areas of Reason 10.

This is a Beginner Level 1 course where Joshua will show you how to get up and running with the software, from opening it for the first time to creating your first beats, sounds and finishing your first track.

First up we take a look at the audio setup and user interface of Reason 10 showing you all the key areas you’ll need to know, then we bring in some drums to create the groove. Next up we add some synth and bass sounds and lastly, we finish off by arranging the track using some automation, adding transitions and effects, mixing the track down, and then exporting the track so it can be played anywhere.

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Excellent tutorial!

This tutorial is exactly what it says on the tin. This is not a button by button, knob by knob breakdown of every single device in Reason. Joshua covers all of the basics of Reason’s settings and interface so that if you are new to Reason or DAWs in general you will have a good enough overview of Reason to get started creating right away without being overwhelmed. Reason can get deeeeeep real fast and you can end up spending insane amounts of time on complex routing, patches and other esoteric bits of production . This tutorial keeps it simple and to the point.

I hope to see more Reason tutorials SOON. It would be nice to see not only new levels with for advanced features like CV, Blocks and routing but a series dedicated to the instruments in Reason.

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Good stuff! And thank you all for finally releasing some Reason stuff. I made a request for it quite a while back. Not to be greedy now, but I’m assuming if this is Level 1 we can expect follow ups with levels 2,3,etc…?

Finally an up to date Reason tutorial, and a very good one too! Great work Mr Hodge! Even though it only covers the basics of Reason, i learned a few tricks that will speed up my workflow. Now we are looking forward to the Level 2 & 3, and hopefully some “how to make…” in Reason courses.

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Excellent course - hope there are more similar Reason 10 courses upcoming

I have been a Reason user since version 1 in 1999 and have upgraded consistently. The ability now to use VST’s has opened up incredible paths to create phenomenal sounding music. It’s a bit clunky in the sequencer and of course does not really offer live play possibilities like Ableton, but I find the “studio” environment and ability to use cable, audio and midi routings to be a terrific system to write music. I would love to see a Reason users group here on Sonic Academy. Anyone else?

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Thanks for your feedback on Reason, you could start your own topic like “Reason Users Group” in the Music Tech Discussion category here on the forums but I can’t tell if it’s gonna be very much followed by users since the forums are more dedicated to S.A Plugins, support and some general Music Production subjects. I think you’ll have more chances to find DAW and REASON specific users groups on Face Book.

S.A launched it’s own FB Discussion group recently, as I already mentioned in my welcome message New Member's Say Hello - #688 by Tekalight but we do not have specific DAW topics in there and not sure yet if this will happen, so really if you have a FB account or plan to setup one you will surely find REASON users related groups there, and feel free to join S.A discussion group too of course ! :smile:

Cheers !

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Love Reason and we need more ! Basil O’ Glue would be great - if you could get him !!

+1 for more advanced stuff please!

I was thinking of purchasing this tutorial but if its only very basic then was wondering if its worth it? Ive been using Reason for many years only have upgraded to Reason 10 the last few months. Ive pretty much got the hang of making simple enough tracks yet was hoping for something to help me get to know a bit deeper. As it looks here there isnt much a scope for Reason which is a bit disappointing given this first tutorial was done over a year ago. Id happily sign up if i thought more tutorials were coming…Any news or help please?

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Hi there @Nokka

Thanks for reaching the forums & your interest in this Reason tutorial, and yes, if you are already familiar with Reason 10, then this tutorial is probably not one where you will learn that much since it’s not covering advanced stuff.

The lack of more tutorials & advanced ones on Reason is due to the fact that S.A doesn’t have so much request about it, they did a few series on the past versions of Reason too and sadly that did not seem to reach a large audience. That said there’s some other tutorials like “How to make” full tracks that were covered in Reason.

Now next to targeting a specific DAW and covering it’s advanced techniques & tricks, there a lot more knowledge to grab here on S.A. As a moderator on the forums I can tell you that many users are happy to learn so much out of S.A tutorials.

Many people also follow tutorials that are not done in their own DAW and the feedback about learning even more because they have to adapt the techniques to their own production environment is quite positive here.

So not trying to sell anything, that’s not my role here, but have you been thinking to get a subscription yet ?
There’s really a ton to learn from How to Sound Like, How to Make Full Track and all techniques from Mixing to Mastering which again are applicable to any DAW.

The tutors being mostly established DJ/Producers is another real benefit of S.A content, so IMHO, if you want to access all tutorials & content online, a subscription is really the way to go. S.A have some flexible plans in the duration & honestly the investment is quite cheap regarding the content.

You can check the available plans here

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Hey thanks for the reply. Yes mate im thinking of subscribing as i was recommended by a friend to come here. Im very interested in just gaining as much knowledge as i can and applying it to my work. From what you have told me it sounds like im going to get that here so thanks again i will be taking advantage of the many tutorials.
Would be nice for some more Reason tutorials though as many people like me use the software and would greatly benefit from more videos.

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Hi there Paul !

Good thing done IMO, so enjoy your subscription, you should have access to all courses online now + some courses & a huge welcome samples pack available for you to download in your account.

Saw on your profile that you’re a long time DJ willing to grow skills for your own music production, that’s a very good learning curve I think, so happy learning with Sonic Academy and welcome to the forums again !

Oh, and forgot to mention, S.A also have a private Face Book Discussion Group online, feel free to join us there if you have a FB account, it’s also a cool place to discuss things and ask for tutorials request. If more people are requesting tutorials on Reason, it might lead S.A to add more resources.

You can join the group here, just don’t forget to answer the 2 questions about Daw & Music so that an admin or moderator grants you access : Sonic Academy - Music Production Discussion | Facebook

Cheers !

A decent tutorial. Gave me a better way of creating tracks and mixing down. Actually pretty comprehensive for a beginners guide to Reason. Time stretching techniques were brilliant. Thanks. Seriously would like another tutorial though. Good work Joshua Hodge!

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Whatever happened to the higher levels for Reason?

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Hi there @BDrifter

Like mentioned above in a previous reply, not so popular demand/request on Reason actually, so I don’t think there’s anything planned for a Level 2 course at the moment. There’s a long 5 hours tutorial about making a all track in Reason 10, it might be one to watch if you haven’t done yet, you can check this here : How To Make Light with WNTER | Promo

I’ve went through all of those and I’ve become pretty adept at adapting courses outside the Ableton paradigm into the Live or Studio One or Reason. I’m more interested in digging into the things that make Reason unique. There are tutorials out there for that but I prefer SA as my source because of the high quality.

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Glad to read this :slight_smile: and as a subscriber & moderator I’m totally agree with that, but at the same time I can also understand that Sonic Academy have to prioritize content based on popular demands.

That said, recently in this thread & also on S.A FB Discussion Group, I’ve been reading several members asking for more Reason 10 content. So I don’t know guys, @chris_agnelli , @phil_johnston , @bryan_spence maybe something to consider again or maybe time to do a new “round up” here & on social medias to see how many people are in demand for a Reason 10 Level 2 course or more content about this DAW.

Its annoying really that the original tutor bangs on about how certain production skills are “not within the scope the of the tutorial” but doesnt make a part 2 to delve into it? Ive got expensive software that im only using 50% of its use. Surely its not hard to get someone out there to make a next step into Reason 10?

Will the next part even come out? It’s fine if it’s taking its time, but it’s been a year already, and I’m getting kind of sceptical on whether there is gonna be a Level 2. Otherwise great tutorial.