Kick 2 problem with size

Hello would it be possible to help me with a problem with Kick 2 (actually I have a problem with the vst KICK 2 that I have on fl studio. Enfaite dans ce vst ont peu choisir sa taille et sa va jusqu’à 400%, and as I wanted to test to see what it did . The problem is that I am stuck at 400% because I can no longer access the choice of sizes . ) Thank You =)


Refer to this topic, you can go back to the original GUI size by deleting the Kick 2.settings file then close and open a new instance of KICK 2. Check the topic to locate the path on MacOS & WIN

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Thank you

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Did it work for you ? That picture still looks like max resolution :confused:

EDIT : Assuming this is now solved :wink: