@bobby lupo

And your tech tip is not fall on deaf ears, i will try it :slight_smile:

But we can’t say it’s easy Bobby, so it’s nice if people try to learn by they own, it’s really not easy to do when you see all the informations (Wrong/Good on internet and also on pro video tutorial) you need to do the job… = it’s bravery :slight_smile:

Because of the independant music industry want to receive a ready track… in the past pro studio is paid by label when they are interesting by the project…

So Electronic is easy but not !

_ Because you need to be scientist (Sound Synthesis) if you want to have your own sounds

_ You need to know a minimum of solfegis (rhythm, harmony… etc)

_ You need to be your own sound ingeneer (All we’ve talked here)

_ You need to be capable to arrange/construct your track (at this point the best exercise is to take many of your prefered track, listen and wrote all the different aspect of construction…)

_ You need to send a get ready pre-master (but sometimes it could be final master)

I think it’s verry hard… but at my point and i started my discography only last year, but i working hard for many years before to arrive to have really what i want, and where i would like to be in Artistic terms

I also see many many thing on internet and the first rules for me “if it sound good it’s OK” Many people recommend high cost plugins or hardware, and many many people can’t offered all… so many many people fall in the trap of piracy, as the DJ also (today)

Per example for a DJ, in past DJ are going with one prepared DJ bag (100 vinyls) and sometimes with a little one more BUT today with promo mp3 and laptop most of them is drowned in the number (mass)

You see what i (try) to mean but it’s the same for studio, don’t need to have a lot of tools, just try and choose some good for your ears, learn and know fine your tools… finally you’ll see you always use the same :slight_smile:

Don’t be afraid to send question or call studio, or better go to see them and discuss a little about you for progress… all people start one day, learn and grow… it’s time and you must accept this, don’t try to go to fast…

Don’t be afraid also to ask what people (friend) think about your track, it’s always good advise to take…

Make pause, don’t work 15 days on the same track it’s always bad !

And if you spend one day to do all, i’m sure it’s a loop or minimal song not yet ready… spend a few more in construction… :slight_smile: or it’s a bonus (dj tool) in addition of one or two other great track (in this case no problem)

Hope it HELP