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I have a label wanting to sign my track and they have just sent the contract though for me to sign.

As part of the personal details section they are asking me to supply my passport number…is this usual? It seemed like a bit of a red flag to me.

Secondly they have asked for literally everything from my track, including all all samples, midi and the whole ableton project. Again is this usual practice?

Any advice is much appreciated.


Hi there,

Honestly I would start to run away from them ! :scream:

What ever contract you’re passing with a label, even if they want full rights on your production, they only need a finished track, not your all project.

They can ask information about samples for copyright clearance and such reasons but not ask for the samples themselves.

Starting with this, I won’t be keen to give away my passport number to such “label” and peeps to be honest.

Try to search more about them on the Internet and other forums as well like on KVR or Reddit maybe, but it looks kind of “not so cool” people to deal with at first.

Hope this helps,

Cheers !


The label is a Spanish label and so I asked a friend who lives in Spain about the passport number. I’m told it’s a very common thing in Spain and sometimes you even have to give a passport number for parcel deliveries, so that part worries me less now.

Interesting that they’d ask for the full ableton project though…I’ll try and do some more research on the label.

Thanks again.

Think I’ve decided not to sign the contract. One clause stated that I sign the track to them ‘for life’, so I can’t release on any other label ever in the future. Also no mention of any way to get out of the contract if things don’t work out.

Think it’s best to wait for a better offer.


Yep, it doesn’t sound like a fair deal at all :unamused:

Cheers !

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Are they giving you any money?

Contract states they pay 50% of profits on sales then 25% of remix sales - but no money offered for ‘buying the assets’ if you will.