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This scared me a bunch.


Awesome info. Immensely helpful!

Global event promotors and record label Imprint Audiophile Live are now accepting demos in these particular genres:

  • Electro House
  • Dubstep/Drumstep
  • House/Tech House
  • Techno

    Please send 320kbps MP3/ Soundcloud link demo packages to [email protected]

  • Audiophile Live Management


If I was to release as an artist, I think vinyl would be the way to go to get that initial foot in the
London still has some pretty cool vinyl shops, and a bunch of high profile techno DJs really dig mixing vinyl still. (so they keep saying on Facebook anyway!)br
Personally, the investment in time to fire up the 1210s, to get that fresh new vinyl smell as you pop a disc onto the deck, the physical act of picking up the needle and scanning through to the breaks and builds is far more impactful than listening to a bunch of mp3s. (I think my personal best was scanning through 500 mp3s in an evening !). br
I would be upset if I wanted to release Trance after reading this. Even 10 years ago, the Trance/Epic house market was ludicrously over-saturated with drab samey samey nonesense.

Good stuff, thanks for sharing. I have already been burned by a bad label,never did any promotion, always late with royalties payments or any other payments!!! i was so happy when my contract expired!!!

Have many people here had bad experiences with labels?

Hello, I had bad experiences with a online label in
I and my friend make a remake from ‘Depeche Mode’ and we where protected by digital
In that time 2006 there was and we were contacted for bring ‘Depeche Mode’ on the digital marketplace and all the digital store
We have signed 'the contract for that track, It was released after 3 weeks, when it was time for payout, nope, nothing… The digital label were we signed for was based in Germany!