License keys for ANA 2 & KICK 2

The issue I’m having is with the license keys for both ANA 2 & KICK 2.
I recently purchased both ANA 2 & KICK 2 and have successfully installed them. However, where I went wrong was trying to open the keys using a different method rather than shown in the video. I cannot register the plugins because of this.

Is it possible to send me a new license key for both plugins, I want to register them.

Thanks for your help!


You should just be able to download the license key again from your account page on our website?

Hey @stchito

Like Phil mentioned, just download your License Key files from your account and follow the procedure from the support page ( links bellow ) and you should be good to authorize again.

Currently you don’t have to open the License Key file itself, rather install it on your HDD and load an instance of KICK 2 or ANA 2 in your DAW and make the plugin pointing to the License Key file on your HDD.

Please note that if you use, or plan to use, the New Beta version of Kick 2, then the authorizing process is different, refer as well to the included link to learn more on that.

Hope this helps,
Cheers !

Not sure what exactly was going on, but the download key worked shortly after I sent my message to you. I was able to register the plugins… thanks very much for your help!!


Thanks for your help, it’s much appreciated!! All is good and in working order!


Steve :call_me_hand:t2:

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