My own track following the HTM Minimal Tech House with P-Lask Tutorial


Here’s a track I made following the HTM Minimal Tech House with P-Lask Tutorial, any feedback is welcome, thanks.

Good job. Nice selection and composition of sounds that work together. Thinking about what I would do with the song if I had written it, besides overprocessing and destroying it: To me, and this is purely subjective and I say that about many songs, it feels rather clean and hard. I’d look to add more dirt (saturation, layering, resampling, noise). The kick has this hard wood feeling, too dancy, maybe with some saturation and cuts in the 200 - 400 hz area you could make it softer. Some of the hihats and in parts the clap and some of the percussion instruments are a tad harsh. I’d try to add some noise or saturation and do the sweeping for resonant frequencies thingie to cut everything that’s not butter.

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