NY Drum Compression

I made a pretty huge experience yesterday, when I approached NY Drum Compression. I made an old school house track, and started to mix it. I a/b ed my track with some others in that genre, and couldn’t get that punch and i guess “clarity”, so that the drums really seem to come out. After i applied a cla 76 compressor with medium attack and fast release plus all button I felt, wow, I’m much closer to a commercial house track. And I felt I never could do that with just eq or full band compresssion. (true?)
My question is, if I fool myself at the moment or is ny drum compression the absolute standart method to get a fat, punchy and clear drum groove? Or has the signal just become louder?
kind regards, nathan

most tracks you hear now have had the beans compressed out of it, so trying to achieve the same sound will inevitably require you to also compress it heavily.

NY compression is a good way to add the compression whilst still maintaining some of the dynamics