OWL - Find Your Path

I want to share with You my new track. Let me know what You think. :wink:


Hi there @Owlofficial

Like the track overall, nice one.

For suggestions, I wouldn’t mind a slower tempo on this, but that’s genre wise and personal preferences only.

The repeating sections in the 1st part before the break are very much the same, might benefit of some variation or perhaps gradually introducing elements to have a more progressive and interesting arrangement.

Mixing wise, it’s very busy and saturated in the mid and high range frequencies, those noise hats take a lot of energy in the track and they sound a bit harsh ( taming their level and using a less repetitive pattern would help with those ).

But yep, overall, nice and catchy track, some final tweaks on the arrangement and mixing can push this one further IMO :sunglasses:

Cheers !

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Wow. As always, it’s clear what you want to do and you do it very well. Later in the song, after ~3:40, I would have liked a little twist like a prominent counter melody or unexpected movement in the chord progression, some kind of deviation from the classic sound.

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