Phil to make trance

[quote]Roben (10/12/2010)[hr][quote]willidaniel (10/12/2010)[hr]“Home” is an absolute classic!



Robin are you in New york city??

No why?

just curious

i live in New york city i and saw your NY loft party podcast.

believe or not there are only a couple of good places to hear real good underground trance and deep house.


haha yeah i see the confusion now! LOL :smiley:

Nope, the branding was more a homage to the origins of good house music and loft parties. About a time when people would come together, not for fashion, not for glamour, neither money or stereotype, it was all and only about two things… PARTY & MUSIC.

Which is what we try to reflect in our events, gigs and podcast. Our events are always New York Themed too which is cool. :slight_smile:


so whats it gonna be then Phil??? :wink:

come on phil

answer uuuusssssssssssss:P

Omg Phil if you did a 2011 mix of Coast 2 Coast - Home i would seriously spray all over my pants lol. I mean the acapella is widely available, im guessing you know the chords so you pretty much have a blank canvas for an awesome modern version of it. Also i bet if you made it then pretty much every big dj on the planet would hammer it! Two birds with one stone there, i reckon it could be such an awesome tutorial series and it will probably be of very high quality cos its Phils own song. If you did tjis Phil it might be a case of Chris who?!? Lol.

A 2011 remix is blantently needing to happen! Actually you know what, how great would that be to see Phil work a remix of a classic from start, finish, to mixing, mastering to finally release!!

We’ve not actually seen any of the tracks on SA get a release, so a full video tutorial that helps people physically see a track go from ideas in a DAW to full release would be so valuable! Pretty sure subscriptions to SA would go through the roof!

go phil go phil, go go go phil!!!

he must be on a weekend bender or changed his mind lol

I would deff re subscribe.

With how much we’ve all been bugging him about a trance tut I’m just waiting for him to punk all of us and do a DJ Sammy/Alice Deejay tutorial.

[quote]sczechowski (12/12/2010)[hr]With how much we’ve all been bugging him about a trance tut I’m just waiting for him to punk all of us and do a DJ Sammy/Alice Deejay tutorial.[/quote]

Can i do +1 hehehhehe

not your bog standard trance… but such a progressive and melodic vibe that sends me in another world.


this is what trance is all about man :slight_smile:

and will deffo take me another trance tutorial to re subscribe :slight_smile:

fingers crossed

I really like the idea of him doing a new up to date modern mix of Coast 2 Coast - Home. How awesome would that be :slight_smile:

i think we should all learn how to make this pure irish banger;


pretty funny vid. catch little tune!