Tried to do something with the EastWest subscription I’ve had for ages but only use for the choir. Weird but has something.

This is groovy.

Nice tune.

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Won’t easily put this track in the “Pop” genre, but won’t easily be able to assign another genre to it as well TBH, so that’s rather interesting :sunglasses:

Not convinced with the vocals fitting the track ( at least not placed right at the start as it is now ) but at the same time they definitely add something to the track in terms of rhythm and flow, so it could very well work, maybe with a bit more processing on the vocals.

I think there’s something with the notes and melodies : it sounds too much “robotic” and syncopated to me, missing a more “fluid” and “natural” playback feel, keeping the same notes but using delay could help. Some more accentuated processing like reverb, chorus…etc to place the track into a “space” could help as well.

From 1:40 to 2:30 for example is a section that should sound a lot more “fluid” and “tripping” to me, that’s where I find some notes a bit “off” and too much “mechanical”.

But yeah, there’s something to this one : it’s like a mix between a Kraftwerk track and something more new waves or dreamy pop/rock thanks to some synth elements, and then this west coast style vocals… Altogether, it grabs your attention but also sounds a bit weird as 1 track if that makes sense. So, might be a good starting point this, maybe let it sleep for a while and come back to it later to see in what direction you can take this one ( or in what direction the track will take you ).

Well, the vocals don’t fit :slight_smile: Many elements including the vocals are just there because of “wow, you finally figured out how to do this?”, some form of tech demo. But it’s so hard to throw things away.

The main part with the variation on the Wicked Game/Ben Boehmer’s After Earth chord progression, it’s such a pretty, memorable chord progression, dorian mode is best mode, and so easy to find good melodies and harmonies. Would be nice to make it work, some hypnotic, slightly melancholic journey that doesn’t sound like a ripoff.

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