Post Your Favourite Synthwave Tracks

Share your favourite Synthwave tracks here and tell us why they’re your favourite. Is there a story behind your choices? Do they bring back childhood memories perhaps? Let us know!

New album coming from Joda ( Jono Grant - Above and Beyond and Darren Tate). Not completely as 80s as full Synthwave,but all the synth sounds and drum fills are there while still sounding new. 2 singles out so far as album is pre release.

I like „Magic“ by FM Attack and Kristine. But as always with genres, I find it hard to make a clear distinction between this one/synth wave and others that have similarities.

STARFORCE - Age of Nano
Dynatron - Pulse Power
Mega Drive - Osaka Sewers
Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon OST - Dr Elizabeth Darling

I’m not fond of vocals in my Synthwave, and I like the more retro futuristic vibe than just paying homage to the 80s directly. One thing I will note, I loved getting cassette soundtracks of some Synthwave bands until they started using more Wow and Flutter effects. Nothing is more annoying than wondering if your tape is screwed up, just to find out they wanted to use an effect. So, use it sparingly not throughout your song.