Sonic Feature - Ableton 10 First Look with Chymera / 573



Great course Brendan, thanks for the insight into your creative process.

Very helpful

This tutorial was a good integration of the new Ableton Live 10 and it’s features along with your productions skills to make it all
make sense.

Cheers for the live 10 tips

good course

Great course, I like your pace and explanations. One question @chymera - I usually split my percussion onto separate tracks but put each sample in a simpler before freezing / flattening to audio later. Are there any advantages / disadvantages to putting one sample in a drum rack instead of a simpler or is this just a workflow thing for you? Thanks

Hey could anyone at Sonic Academy perhaps answer my question below? Thanks

Hey @Sham3

IMO it all ends in a workflow thing but it’s also linked & depending of what you want to achieve.

I think that using a Drum rack is good when you want to layer percussive elements ( i.e : you could use a Drum Rack just for Claps, with different sounds per cells, effecting each of them & adding general effect like compression to the all Drum Rack but still ending with ONE Clap track ). You can do the same with multiple tracks using a simpler and group all the tracks to a CLAP Group but it’s more “heavy” in terms of tracks count.

When layering with a Drum Rack, the advantage is also to have the Midi notes in one place.

Hey thanks for your reply. I do the same thing myself if I’m layering sounds, the reason i asked the question was because in the vids he puts the instruments into drum racks on separate channels but without layering any of them, and I was just curious to understand why he chose this over a simpler. If ever do decide to layer in that track it’s just one click to convert to drum rack, so I was wondering if there’s some other motivation. Perhaps it’s just a preference for working in drum racks? :slight_smile:


Stupid me BTW, now I remember… :smile: If you head back to previous posts in this topic, @chymera explained a little why he was working that way and I remember now that I did make some comments as well. It might give you other elements of answer, but the convenience with the midi notes was mentioned. Just browse through the topic from the top :wink: