Sonic Successes!

out soon on Mixmash Records :)

Blimey everyone’s just standing around and watching him. Those that aren’t obsessed with recording him on phones that have no low-light boost and crappy sound.

What’s wrong with just enjoying the music :frowning:

Out September 5th on Twisted Groove Records - Are We…? EP.

Block.Punch - Are We? EP Preview by Twisted Groove Recordings

My second EP this year.

Soon to be followed by two tracks Roadrunner (around 1500 plays on Soundcloud now) and Tension 2.0 coming on Aenaria Tech.

can we post music even if we doesnt have these song signed ?? cuz i got 3 track made with the help of SA that are not bad at all (i think they arent too bad lol) but i didnt have any label

dont see why not! :smiley: if you feel you achieved success then who are we to argue!!:smiley:

*High Five

I just won my first remix contest, learned a lot since i subscribed here.

Big thx & hugs! :kiss:

here is a song i create with the help of SA tutorial !! SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

here is a song i create with the help of SA tutorial !!:hehe: Lafoon - Untiltled lol (demo) by Dj Lafoon

I got one of my tracks featured on Mad Decent’s SoundCloud roundup! :w00t:

I made a remix of Demi Lovato’s single Skyscraper. A week ago she posted it on her twitter account exclaiming her love for the remix. Rumor has it she heard it at her birthday party. If it weren’t for all the little tricks i learned about music mastering here on Sonic Academy my remix would have sounded like hot doo doo. Thank you sonic academy!! If you wanna hear my remix here’s the link! - YouTube

Any more???

Third track on the EP, out yesterday

Various Artists “Somebody Scream Ep” - Aenaria Tech [AENTE045] by AENARIA RECORDINGS

On Beatport


Out of those three tracks yours killed them by a mile… Tension 2.0 beautiful work dude!

Well done as always jon!

Out today

[url]The Warehouse EP Vol 2 by Kem Dust on MP3, WAV, FLAC, AIFF & ALAC at Juno Download

and another


Great remixes Slender.  I really like the Kem Dust one.  :wink:

[quote]JayD3 (04/10/2011)[hr]Great remixes Slender. I really like the Kem Dust one. ;)[/quote]

That is one of my favs - would love to play that out

posted on youtube and facebook - keep em coming

Thanks Bryan - more to follow :wink:

Our remix for Mario Lopez “I Can Stand It” will be released on a Remix edition on 28.10.2011 - very excited about this is our very first “big” release :slight_smile: