Thoughts on Node Beta

This is seriously so cool! Been using it for 20 minutes and am finding it very intuitive. It is unbelievable the sounds you can make in this thing when you have the LFO turned on. And that is just the wavetable by itself! This will be a must-have for me when it comes out. I hope this is one day integrated directly into ANA. Maybe ANA 3?

-Very Intuitive
-Clean look and feel
-Ability to save shapes you make
-Built-in LFO with the ability to modulate
-Can make the window very large to get surgical in your design

-Not a lot of 2D wavetables in the folder
-Very few presets


That’s great to hear !

Only nine nodes? This is way too restrictive. And export is disabled. So, we can only noodle with it - nothing we achieved can be used :frowning:

And I had to open in with administrator privileges in order to be able to load WAV files (???)

I think you should be a little more ambitious. WaveEdit (which is a free application) could be a good departure point.

there are more than nine nodes - just double click to create a new one

Export is only disabled for the BETA

Double click where? Isn’t working over here. And double clicking isn’t a good method even if it was working. I would rather have an option in the menu to define how many nodes I want.

And if export is disabled in the beta, how will we test the resulting wavetables? is this a beta, or a demo version?

Hey there dude, what’s not working for you ?
I have absolutely no issue creating an infinite number of nodes by double clicking on the wave form line segment(s).

This is a BETA, it won’t make any sense for that kind of product to enable export feature. Participating to the beta testing is not a requirement, it’s based on good will of the community members to test Node and report about it in order to help.

If something isn’t working, you should also be more specific and include details such as OS, DAW & plugin format you’re using as well as a comprehensive description of how to recreate the issue as it was mentioned in the main thread for the Node beta testing here on the forums.


A beta version should have ALL the features that will be present in the final product (I know, I am used to beta testing for several developers). Exporting is one of the crucial aspects. How the exported wavetables work in other synths also. So, disabling export in a beta severely cuts the testing possibilities. What doesn’t make sense is your statement: “…it won’t make any sense for that kind of product to enable export feature”. If you don’t want beta testers to test the product, it’s fine with me. I just answered an invitation, I surely don’t need to be here.

We surely aren’t talking about the same thing, or I am missing something myself. We have NINE squares in the lower part of the window. Those are the “nodes” I am referring to. The “nodes” you are talking about are for drawing waveforms. I certainly am not interested in drawing waveforms, but if I was, it wouldn’t certainly be through “double clicking”. And no matter how many “nodes” you create above, you still only get NINE squares. Those are the " nodes" that will contain waveforms which the wavetable will scan through. And nine is not enough, IMO.

I usually create wavetables by importing and analysing wave files. To implement a dialog box upon wave import asking how many “nodes” we want to analyse the file would be in order.

I am in both Windows 7 and Windows10, and I can test in OS X too, BTW, but I don’t believe that would matter to the subject. And I am using exclusively the standalone.

EDIT: And double clicking after choosing Init just crashed the application. Why is this installed in Program Data folder, anyway? This certainly isn’t the right folder to install a standalone application, and probably the reason why I couldn’t open WAV files this morning, when I was working in Windows 7.

Add to my statement that it will result in giving away a full functional free product ( which was obvious for me to understand ), any beta or demo version should have a limitation IMO. In this case allowing export without some restriction won’t be wise from S.A, that’s my point of view anyway.

And beta testers usually receive the product for free, anyway. It’s the way to thanks them for their work. That’s my point. Beta versions SHOULD HAVE NO LIMITATIONS. Again, I didn’t ask to be here - I was invited. If I am invited to beta test a crippled product, and in the end I don’t even receive the product, then I’m out.

Yes I can see the confusion here, you mentioned “Nodes” in your previous comment which is what I tried to show, the square you’re talking about are referred as “Frames” inside Node, so yes definitely a term issue here :wink:

For the edit section of your post : All S.A plugins are installed in the Program Data folder, I don’t think that’s the reason, even massive software such as Ableton Live get installed there by default.

Now for that crash : it would be good to report this in your own topic, providing as much details as possible, as explained here About Node

This thread was created by another user to share his thoughts on Node and it’s not gonna help the developers if they have to chase several issues or bug reports embedded in the same post.

To be honest, for me it’s the all point of frustration leading to such comments “crippled product… in the end I don’t receive the product,” : and again, no one told you you were gonna have a free full functional product because you decided to enter the beta testing program, even if you’ve been invited.

This is just my honest point of view as a moderator here on the forums, it does not reflect any thoughts or words from the S.A team. So everyone is welcome to this beta, any suggestion next to eventual bugs or lack of features is welcome but please, do behave, don’t think about just bashing it and do report things in separate topics, clearly titled & detailed please. That’s the way everyone can help and that’s the main spirit of this forum since the very start, I’m sorry but this is not KVR battles here :wink:

Cheers !

Not at all. Program Data, as the name implies, is for complementary files, NOT for the programs. Programs are installed in Program Files, and if necessary, address those complementary files in Program Data.

Thanks for the other instructions…