Upgrading from Win 7 to Win 10 deactivated the beta

I just upgraded to Win 10 from 7 and I’m getting a message saying “the evaluation mode of Kick 2 is expired”. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but keep getting the same message. V 1.05 works but I foolishly started a new project with the beta and V 1.05 doesn’t load with the right settings.

Help… :-/

ah, thats just the BETA expiring on your computer i guess, were you on b3?

Yes, I was on b3. So just a coincidence then?

Hey @opolopo

you may want to refer to this link Kick 2 v1.1 BETA - Please Read

As mentioned before, it’s just a Beta made available for users to test out if they will, if you’re currently using Kick 2 in projects or production, you might want to stay on latest v1.05 IMO.

The Beta releases will keep coming, but they have a 15 days period expiration for each, so if you plan using the Beta you’ll have to keep it up to date.

Hope that helps,
Cheeers !

Yeah, my bad for using it in an actual production. :wink:

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