[website] Beta tester sign up options are out of date

All the beta tester options are old. No Catalina, no Ableton 10. Any chance you could get those updated so that our beta testing reports are accurate?

Also, no option for standalone

What are we talking about here ? LOL. The Options pull down menu on the left hand side of the GUI where you can set the Audio-Midi with the standalone version ? Not sure to get you right with “beta tester options are old” :wink:

The same form when you sign up for Beta test

I updated the original post

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what page is this?

the options for catalina etc. and ableton live 10 should be in the report a bug page

you can also drop the reports here on the forum

@bryan_spence I think this is about the form to apply for the beta, not the tickets report page/form.

But if I remember well when I applied for Node beta & filled the form, there was an option for Live 10.1 ( you just had to browse down to find it ), not sure about Catalina 'cause I wasn’t concerned, so didn’t look for it.

Anyway, this is about the beta submission form IMO.

@thedangayle as Bryan mentioned, when reporting on the forums, people should anyway include details such as OS type & version, DAW + version & computer specs like it’s explained in all main “beta Tester” topics. The beta Apply form is more something to be seen as an internal reference for S.A team that helps them to have a panel of the different platforms & system where a beta is tested. That said, of course it should be up to date with all options :wink:

When I submitted a bug using the bug form, it only had limited options. On the beta sign up page, after you’ve logged in, there is a submit bug link. I click it and the form pops up, with the same outdated options as the Node beta sign up.

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Then it’s just me confusing with the beta apply request form, thanks for clarifying :wink:

Edit: but from that link ( which is the bug/report form ) the Live 10.1 & Catalina Options are already there
and it seems to just match the details you put in when applying for the beta, so same form IMO & therefore up to date.

That’s odd. When I signed up, it DEFINITELY did not have Catalina or Ableton 10. Maybe I hit a weird cached version or something?

Well anyway it’s up to date now :wink: But yeah, like I mentioned in a previous reply I’m sure the Live 10.1 option was available ( can’t tell for Catalina since I’m not using it, so didn’t look for that ) and I applied to the beta the first day they show cased it on their YT Live Stream which was the 13th February.