022_Free Textures Sample Pack


In this weeks pack Spunkface Samplers have created a lush bed of organic textures full of life and movement.

They are designed to fit subtly into the underbed of your productions; This gives your music an added emotion and presence.

Each sample is 24Bit and processed through high-end gear. To ensure the best quality for the customer.



Hi Michael,

Love your packs & the demo of this one sounds fkn ace!!

Really excellent stuff again.

Would it be possible that you could make a vid - doing a walkthrough of some of the techniques that you use in creating such sounds?

Even listening to that driving techno pack - some of the loops in that are jaw droppers.

I wouldnt expect you to empty out all your secrets / bone marrow / pin number in the process or anything :D … but I think you would get kudos by doing something like that - per pack / genre. 

I’d love to see your approach man. You know your stuff :cool:



yeah im doing some walk through stuff for a friend who is openen up a similar site to this but more geared towards the engineering side.

That will be a while away thou.

So in the mean time i will try to get some walk throughs done.

Thanks for the compliment to

Hmm yummy - thanks as always lets see what darkness I can get out of these :wink:

Thank’s Mr. P, another nice selection.:slight_smile:

Yep already used one for my new tune :wink:

nice thanks send the tune link once your done. I love to hear how people manipulate my loops