1 Midi track triggering 1 instruments in Cubase

Is there a way to make Cubase trigger 2 instruments from 1 midi-track?

Thank you…

Dunno mate… but duplicating the channel and sticking a new instrument on one


Dragging the midi onto another instruments channel…

Wouldnt help ya at all?

I know you can do it in ABleton - but when I want to do it, I always just do the above.


I see they do that in all the tutorials for Live 8, and just wanted to know if it was possible in Cubase as well. Guess it’s not! :wink:

Well it might be man… I’m no cubase expert. I dont want to send you wrong.

Used it years ago, but we never got on at all - haha

Seriously, read the manual or throw it into google mate. Look up “how to route (or send) midi from one channel to another (or one synth to another…)” :cool: :cool: :slight_smile:

I’m just thinking about how long it’ll take ya to get a definitive watertight answer here. You might be quicker doing some searching on this one :) :cool:

I haven’t looked at cubase for at least a year but I’m sure it is very easy. As simple as either copying the midi notes across to the 2nd track or routing the midi channel. I’ll open up cubase later if my mrs let’s me :smiley:

Here you go :slight_smile:



I feel like a lazy bastard. :slight_smile:

Thanks both of you!

Na it’s just one of those things mate :smiley: