1 Techno track from coming EP

Would be nice to hear what the underground side of SA says :)br
All synthesizing is made with ANA 1.5 :slight_smile:

very nice synth!br
nice track to relax too also. nice fx work.br
would be nice to see more breaks in it, just for more variety

Hi, whilst i appreciate this track is meant to be minimal, for me there’s just not enough energy in the main loop of the track, and i think it’s lacking powerful and booming bass which a track in this style needs.br
I would try chucking in a few loops that have plenty of character and try adding some more bass to the track.br
You have some good sounds in there though - like some of the FX and the atmospheric parts in the track alot - definately for postential.

thx for the feedback.br
It just got signed.br
Keep eyes open :wink:

where did you got signed? :slight_smile:

How easy was it to get it signed?br
I’m trying to get one of my tracks signed at the moment - haven’t heard anything back though in over a week from anyone i sent it to!

It is signed to Rhythm Royal Recordings. br
Mainly it was easy because they loved the tracks at the EP.br
And i know the guy running the label since earlier(within the techno scene for some time now). Releases from there has been played by names such as Marco Carola, Adam Beyer, Dubfire, Richie Hawtin and Deadmau5. br
:slight_smile: Signed releases from Angy Kore, Joe Maker and more :slight_smile:

David best way is to get to know the people in your local scene.br
I go out clubbing 5 days a week, so i meet alot of people within the techno scene.br
even drumcode techno legends can be seen on some events, as the swedish techno scene is small like a family :slight_smile: . br
Just keep your social network flame alive and if your tracks are good they will be noticed. br

Davidmclean i worked on the track even more since the demo you’ve heard here.br
Different swing which makes it more danceable and a better mixdown aswell as it has been on professional mastering :).