108bpm deep house

THanks lads :)

loved the vibe in this one, would like to hear more stuff like this :smiley:

that’s brilliant. really nice mate

thank a lot lads, really happy with this one, firsts time making a tune like that, i got the inspiration from Jay Shepheard… unbelieveable producer

Very interesting elements. Enjoyed this!

Groovy for a 108bpm track!

my tune of the early hours, love this on second listen, i’m gonna do a 108 bpm track next, this **** is where its at dude :smiley:

love the feedback lad thanks a lot!

yeah when i heard some JAy Shepheard stuff i was thinking WOW that is soo different, yet it has kind of a Tale of Us flavour too!

I was reaching for the volume switch and then I saw the waveform slowly rising! :slight_smile:

I like the background noise, gives it a real sense of atmosphere. I’m not used to listening to things as slow as this though so I was pitching it up in my head as if I was mixing it, which by the way sounded ace! :w00t:

Gotta agree with the rest. Sounds good. Might turn down that bass synth a tiny bit, but if it’s intentional, you shoud stick with it.

And don’t mind the slow bpm either. Quality!

loving the feedback lads thanks alot! definitley the best tune iv made for sure!

yeah i wanted the *** synth of be big in the mix to have an effect on the high and low end so i will probably keep it at that level :slight_smile:

i sent it out to a few big labels just to see if any of them would like it by chance, 2 got back to me saying they love it but it doesnt suit the style of the label,

since its my first tune @ 108bpm im not sure what labels would be interested in this style :S any suggestions lads?

Again, thank you all for the great feedback!

Very nice tune! :slight_smile:

Might try a moombahton label?

Or Bromance – they are putting out some spacey darker stuff that’s lower in tempo:


moonbathon? never heard of it, but after googling it i can see where your coming from! i usually make deep house at like 120bpmish but a lot of labels seems to think its not in a deep house style because of the bpm, maybe they are right, it was just the mindset i was in while producing it anyway!

thanks for the reply, glad you liked it!

Lots of folks HATE moombahton. But personally I love it. Anyway, it’s kinda the only 108-115bpm 4/4 sound that’s popular right now, at least that I’m aware of, except maybe some of the stuff getting released on Bromance.

The sound on this track is definitely more atmospheric, but you might find a moombahton label that’s a bit more “out there” and willing to try new stuff to release it.

Might also try packaging as a B-Side to go with a faster house tune that’s similar and getting it released as part of an EP?

interesting, can you give me a few artist names in this genre? just so i can look at labels and get to know the djs…

not a bad idea about the ep, im working on a 125 bpm track at the minute so that could work well!

Big names are Dillon Francis, Nadastrom, ETC!ETC!, Bro Safari, gLAdiator.

Kind of uncharted territory, though, not a lot of big labels pushing the sound. Main one is Mad Decent, Diplo’s label.

Nicely done mate sounds great

thats great i found a couple of labels there i hope they will like it anyway!if i dont get it signed ill probably just make another track at 120bpm and try get an EP going, or maybe just give it away for free :slight_smile:

thanks and hope you liked it :slight_smile: