1hr Mix for Newyorkclubbersguide



Cari Lekebusch - State Of The Art
Luis Flores, Vitamins 4U - B4U
Erphun - N2 - “Mark Broom Mix”
Carlo Lio - Lets Get Back
Johnny D - Tramodysee
Slad - Third Cabinet
Mikael Reis - Trip
Alan Fitzpatrick - Alpha Scanner
Ross Alexander - Descent
Samuel L Session - Inner City
Treversable Wormhole - Closed Timelike Curve
Cush - Fish
Mark Morris - Call Style “Morgan Tomas Mix”
Moh - Nousika “Audio Injection Mix”
Umek - 2nd To None “Matt Cooper Mix”
Ross Alexander - Onslaught “Cush Mix”

Some great tracks there will check out later

ok cool mate :wink:

Loving this! Your mixing is class!!!

appreciate your comment mate , thanks . .

the final track is a killer - top stuff mate

[quote]chekka (20/08/2010)[hr]the final track is a killer - top stuff mate[/quote]

sure is!

thanks guys,

Glad you like that last track, My remix of Onslaught :smiley:

Much appreciated, comments and feedbacks , means a lot -

Cush :slight_smile: