1st electro house song

Here are my first house tracks.









lol Wheres the link mate?

post updated!

I listened to the tech house track some nice moods in it - just needs to pump a little more :slight_smile:

Hey slender,

I’ll gladly make changes, though do you mean I ought to change the song in question’s sidechain compression settings or that it would benefit by a change in the overall rhythm/vibe/etc?


Holy ****, that house track is so distorted I can’t listen to it. Sorry mate, but you need to lower the volume on that a lot!

And your tech house track is distorting slightly too, over compressed I think and too loud!

Should be easy to sort out then re post them mate

made changes so they should sound alright. “20AUG10” never sounded that “bad” so that hasn’t been “re-mastered”.

by the way, here’s something interesting:


Sounds much better, not distorting now!

Some cool ideas in here mate!

The mix could be better tho. Some of it is a bit muddy. I think if you read and watch a load of tuts about eq and compression it will really help you with that!