1st ever track

ok so heres my 1st track!!!

ive tried to make a tech trancey type of tune, the stuff i like.

i’d like to add some my trancey elements but this is my ability at its peak so far.

please take a few mins to have a listen. feedback is very much welcome and needed!!!

Fantastic track! How long have you been producing for?

Is it really 137BPM? Seems a little slower than that, god knows why lol!

Good Job! You know where i am when you have it signed and sending promo’s out :stuck_out_tongue:

many thanks jak,

its only been 4 month. long way to go

not ready to be signed yet surely, is it!

wel, its 137 bpm in ableton??? lol

Sounds v.cool Mate.

That break @ 6.17ish needs something else I think - just doesnt whoomp back in.

Just listening on the Laptop - but maybe move the project from there up a 1.2 a bar or so to get a fade & maybe a bit of silence before it kicks back in.

Would have more impact then… the idea you have there would definitely work like that with the delays fading out a bit more.


Wow, only 4 months!

Well impressed! :slight_smile:

yeah the big break was proving difficult to do.

just couldnt grasp it.

very technical the trance breaks arnt they???

4 months Georgie Boy… Well done son, I think, Keep up the good work… follow ya on soundcloud matey :smiley:

haha, nice 1 wayne mate!

I haven’t bought a Trance record since 1993, but I am aware of what’s going on now in the Trance scene and that is absolutely spot on. Well done. It just sounds on the money with the current sound.

cheers scott, appreciate it!!

glad there is some positive to move forward with!

thanks guys.

Yeah good first track, better than mine. Seems to lack punch though, anyone else feel the same?

Good track enjoyed the break but as others state it needs more bang and push

cheers guys!

good stuff george, very big room midtempo vibe for me. excellent first track. like to hear what you sound like in a year or so.

good track george. Left a couple of comments on the soundcloud stem. Much better than my first tracks were!

Personally I think that the two builds could do with something more. That second one has an unusual mid build lull before building again. I was expecting more of a straight build into the second phase but I don’t listen to trance so I have no idea about arrangement in that genre.


like i said the breaks seem to quite difficult to do in trance like!!!

or at least its proving so at the moment for me, lol

George just wondering if the bass has been sidechained ! My two cents more pumping effect would be pretty cool…

no i didnt actually addy coz it has certain litl hits and i thought it took the main element of the bass away when it was sidechained

and took the volume away

a 16d swing, basses on hi mid low and sidechain will give it that groovy feel ! Try it and see how it goes…

yeah mate wil do when i get in