2 months of learning is behind me


over the past 2 months i was just learning, practicing, learning practicing, etc… so after all i decided to make a track out of one of my former musical ideas, and here is the result.

i’m not completely satisfied with it, i feel like it’s lacking of something, but i can’t describe it. nevermind, i’m going on, as i managed to get some cool conclusions during the production.

if you have some thought about the track, feel free to manifest it into words and posts :cool:

I think the track sounds great:D and how long have you been producing? Still good either way:)… i am just asking because i am having trouble learning in a way that i can progress. I keep changing the way i try to learn whether its watching the videos more or writing them down more. I just need a to be pointed to a direction and how long do i keep following it. Like watch this these videos first then in a few weeks/months you can watch these. and so on. Will someone help!?!:crying: I am an Ableton User.

P this is a good quality production man, I can see from the practising you’ve done that it’s definitely paid off… you’ve set a mood and scene with this production, the only thing I can think of you COULD do is to put some elements of surprise in here… you’ve got the listeners listening, now mix it up…

  1. Use your chord progression for another mini breakdown towards the 5min mark or something and change up the notes, change the vibe so that the listener isn’t expecting what’s next
  2. You have a continuous bassline, for a small part of it try making the bassline into single notes and add some further groove
  3. add a melodic element that’s strong and nearly over-powering in between every 8 bars or something, like a nice bell-type piano melody arp thing ;] (ha I hope you get that??)
  4. Keep it up mate


I really like the moods that you set up with your music dude. There are a couple of your songs I really enjoy. This one definitely kept me listening. It sounded very tight, I agree the practice is paying off.

That is some pretty good advice to @etl. I agree it could use a main juicy melody on top in certain parts, but overall really nice job.

I enjoyed this track quite a lot, dont personally think it needs the extra melodies etl mentioned, the melody feels strong as it is IMO and another piece might overcrowd the track?

I would take the other three points etl mentioned into consideration. Especially the keep it up bit :stuck_out_tongue:

The track is great as it is though!

thank you guys, i really appreciate your feedbacks!

@Blurry: i take it serious for 2 years now, but the first track i made was back in 2005. i think structured learning is the best way, so i suggest you should read books on mixing and producing, there are a plenty of them out there.

@etl: thanks for taking the time to write down your suggestions :cool:

  1. the main idea was to give a massive drop-down after the end of the breakdown, and to build the track from there untill the main riff, with progression (like in Boxer’s Delivered). but you could be right about the vibe change, i will take into consideration for the next track.
  2. you’re right about it, it never crossed my mind… thanks! :cool:
  3. there was a version with an extra melodic part, but it sounded a little bit too crowded. the overall sounding is not so busy now (it is a mixing problem), maybe with phatter sounds it would be different, and there wouldn’t be a need for extra elements. (mixing is still a sticking point for me…)
  4. thanks, after every track the hunger is greater :cool:

    @Masseve: thanks, good to hear, i’m glad you enjoy them! (for me this is the main objective in music)

    @MistroPain: thanks too! yes, it sounded a little bit crowded in the former version, that’s why i put that element out of the track.