2 new Tracks - Techno

Downward Spiral by mozzatron

This one is more complete although needs a spot of mastering, let me know what you guys think

DRIVETRAIN by mozzatron

This one is work in progress, proper heads down driving techno, been dying to get something done thats pitched up a bit and the groove works well. Just need to stick in a bit of a breakdown


not really my thing but some nice bass on the first track and both decent productions :slight_smile:

Nice one Will, personally I preferred the 2nd tune but you may need a little variation in it

I agree with Slender.
I like the 2nd better.

Here are my notes, take em or leave:

1st Song:
-The hi-hats are a little rigid. Try shuffling them a little bit.
-Also in the main riff the second measure of your synth loop there is on or two notes that are out of key. There is also a little too much variation with them in there.

2nd Song:
-The kick hits are a little too rigid here. Slide the kicks on the “ands” a little so it’s not so robotic.
-I think the first drop could use a little more substance in it to create more tension.
- Again I agree with Slender that there needs to be some more variation in the main part. Try adding some sweeps or drop a kick every now and then.
-Towards the end of the song I feel that the sounds start to conflict with each other a little bit.

These are just my opinions, so they really mean nothing, but even though I have a lot of notes, I do think the songs have good potential.


Cheers for the feedback guys

Totally agree with your comments, the 2nd track was literally knocked up in an hour so still plenty to do. Will post back with the finished product :slight_smile:

Jbach… when you say slide your kicks on the ‘ands’ can you elaborate a little or maybe point me in the direction to a tutorial?

Cheers matey!

Sure, no problem.

Take off the snap function on whatever program you are using to make you drum arrangement, then move the kick ever so slightly to the left or right. You will start to hear that it is a little more natural sounding rather than being exactly on the actual beat. No drummer hits exactly on every beat. It’s always just a tad off.

Hope this help.

Let me know if you have anymore questions.

Cheers Jbach will have a look into that!

enjoyed both tracks, especially the first one :slight_smile:

I like the first track :cool: Sounds very cocoon-ish. I can see Sven smashing it :wink:

I like the first track… nice ideas in both

Both tracks have a lovely textural quality to them. Bit of polish and you’ll have two crackers there.

Cheers guys, glad you liked it

Just about recovered after Vegas so should get them finished off in the next week or so!