$200 to spend on an Audio Card

First off, my first post in this amazing community. Been watching a ton of tutorial vid’s here and loving all the knowledge.

I’ve never had a “proper” audio card for my laptop, and am now just getting around to doing some research on them. I’d love an audio8 to eventually get Traktor going, but that’s just too pricey right now.

My laptop doesn’t have firewire either, thats another thing holding me back.

I’ve got about $200 (maybe a bit more) on Amazon now. I mainly make techno and am looking for a decent sounding card. Any tips/suggestions?

Focusrite Saffire 6 is nice. Not sure about the price in $, but it shouldn’t be too far off your budget.

I would say wait and save some more pennies and look at a second hand motu

Or if you want some cheap look at a m audio 2496. That will get you going.

You are a gentleman and a scholar!  Thanks so much!

After reading reviews this seems to be the one for me!  The XLR in’s/out’s are a big plus too!  Thanks again!