24 Hours with Kim Fai

Just a little thing I’m working on:

Slinky by chance? :slight_smile:

Not Slinky, but it is indeed the Opera House/O2

[quote]bangthedj (26/01/2011)[hr]Not Slinky, but it is indeed the Opera House/O2[/quote]

Yeah that’s what I meant lol, i always call the venue slinky lol

Looks like a cool project james

Looks wicked

Ha ha Kim Fai - from TIPTON!, I’ve got friends that went to school with him. Always makes me smile to think about the life people such as Kim have now compared to their routes.

Good on Kim for his excellent productions and dj sets (also his essential Mix).

and congratulations for escaping the **** hole that is TIPTON!


Outsiders’ opinion of Tipton

The Newcastle upon Tyne based adult comic Viz used Tipton as a perennial butt of jokes throughout the 1990s, involving a fictitious councillor, Hugo Guthrie. Guthrie may, however, have been based on the real inter-war figure of Councillor Doughty who forbade any more pubs to open until one was opened carrying his name — now renamed the “Pie Factory”.