2New Progressive House Tracks

Hi guys,

Here are 2tracks I’ve started on making, one on Christmas day and the other on New Years Day, what a great way to start 2011 :slight_smile:

dR - Another Day

DR - Another Day (WIP) by d-aRe

dR - One Day

DR - One Day (Unmixed No FX) by d-aRe

Anyone who’s a fan of Anjuna/Jaytech/Proff style tracks check them out and hit me up with some appreciated feedback…

Thanks for checking it out!



pretty good mate. i like the melodys along with the baseline. works really well together.

maybe work on some more drums and sweeps etc. maybe a pad rising slighly. think it would turn these to the next level… fair play:)

Hey mate,

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll be honest I cheated a little with the drums and used 3 :unsure: loops because I was being UBER lazy… In fact they both have at least one of the same loops for sure… Once I get back on these two again I’ll make them a little more interesting! I’m having a stab at some prog break with a similar sound :wink:

Take it easy dude