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The song “NO TIME TO FEEL WEAK” is specially composed in collaboration with SAJOHN. A young Congolese producer who was eight years old when the war started in his country. He knows like no other how important it is that a mother must keep herself well, regardless of the situation. Mothers have no time to feel weak but should always be there to take care of the family.

3FM and the Red Cross are committed each year in order to highlight a quiet disaster. 3FM Serious Request 2011 calls for attention to be paid to mothers who are hit by war or conflict situations. From the glass house focuses on 3FM these floating but very fragile power of the family.

The Red Cross helps these mothers with essential, primary issues such as shelter, medical aid and emergency goods such as food, drinking water, SOAP and kitchen utensils. But also with earning their own incomes and recovering in the chaos missing family members.

Therefore, we support this action, and the entire proceeds from the sale goes to Serious Request 2011.

Next week the track is available on all major download portals such as Beatport and Itunes.

Thank you for your support!

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SAJOHN composer

Aroused feat SAJOHN - No time to feel weak

Aroused Ft SAJOHN no time to feel weak (Radio edit) by Aroused Records