3 New Tracks by Robbie Styles (aka Me)

Hi Guys,

Any feedback greatly recieved.

Robbie Styles - After Darkness by Robbie Styles

Robbie Styles - Filter Freq by Robbie Styles

Robbie Styles - Bugged Out by Robbie Styles

track sound fantastic bro as does all the sounds on your website :slight_smile:

Yeah very good set of tracks.

I like “Bugged out” some very good stuff going on indeed.


after dark is my fav but there all very good i’d be happy as a pig in sh*t if i could put together anything like that lol:D

Bugged out is my favorite too

Cheers Guys!! :slight_smile:
I had a thought they might of got slated. Here are 2 remixes which I finished recently.

Sneaker Pimps - Spin Spin Sugar (RS Tech Remix)
The Cristo Project - Far Horizons (Robbie Styles Remix)


My latest Track!