311218 - Techno "rumble" song

Hi, a new track i finished where i tried to get some melody in with the Techno “rumble”. :slight_smile:
I would like some feedback on it.

Thank you.

Hey there @SA_GEM

Interesting & original track :slight_smile: Yea, the melodic techno sub-genre is really going on now.

Found the track interesting because of the low end register and atmosphere you’re bringing to the listeners through those sounds. At what point I was expecting you brought higher frequency range elements in there : and you did :slight_smile: so that’s makes the track more “complete” & it maintains listener attention.

Find the main kick ( and it’s rumble :slight_smile: ) very loud next to the other parts of the track, you can clearly pick this up if you listen to the track in mono, maybe leveling this one down & a bit of low end filtering ( without loosing the rumble effect )will help IMHO.

Hi, I really liked this track. I found some of the drums sounds a bit loud in the mix compared to others the rhythmic hat? was one. The kick is also a bit loud and that becomes quite evident at the end of the track. The bass filtering in at the beginning doesn’t quite work for me not that it sounds bad. I think the melody kind of just bursts in to the scene at 2 mins as well. I like that rumble sub bass sounds cool and has good impact especially at the small break. Good stuff man. I gave you a like and follow under my techno alias Idle SEQ.

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Hey @Tekalight. Thank you for listening. Yes i did it again wrong with the levels. This is a thing i struggle often. I have to revisit the tutorial on leveling the mix, kick, bass etc. Again, thanks for taking your time. :slight_smile:

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@CtrlAltDel Thanks for the follow :slight_smile: Yes kick and bass leveling is a thing i have better to learn.
I think i revisit my song and make a new mix.

I made another version and changed some things. May be you want to listen again.

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Hi again @SA_GEM

Such an improvement with levels IMO :slight_smile: The clarity gain is immediate and the listening experience is much more nice now, but believe me or not you could still reduce that kick by a few dB :slight_smile:

This kick is 100% mono for me, which is putting it “In Your Face” and making it louder than the rest because of perceptive loudness, for the other instruments you spread the stereo sides and used quite a lot of reverb on almost each of them.

This is giving the “psychedelic” touch to the track which is nice, but the fact that the kick is mono and still loud makes it sounding like “next” to the rest of the tracks if you see what I mean, it’s not blending with the rest.

IMO, 2 things to try : first one is reducing the Kick level a bit more & the second one is to try applying a tiny bit of reverb to the higher register frequencies of the kick. Simple way to experiment with that is to send the kick to an effect channel that would have a Low Cut filter to avoid the low end going to the reverb ) followed by a compressor, follow by the reverb itself. Depending of the kick volume amount of sent, filtering freq & comp. settings + chosen reverb & settings you could get pretty cool results for this kind of track I think.

Just something to play with, but yea, overall & compared to the first version, this is really much more pleasant to the ears :sunglasses: , over saturation is now gone :wink:

Letting the other comments coming in now…

Cheers !

me gusta mucho. awesome! if i had to change anything, the first thing that came to my mind: add some voice samples. like in green velvet’s flash. maybe it’s a stupid idea. maybe it works.

na. don’t change anything. it’s perfect. probably the best i’ve ever heard in the track feedback forum.

can i remix it?